3 of 3 Resource List


Compiled by a white-bodied late learner, MaryBeth Ingram, who needed help from others to learn what to read, watch, and listen to in order to grow and now paying it forward.

This list came about as a result of a question a friend asked who knew I was doing a lot of study in the area of race, racism and whiteness. “Could you give me a list, maybe 3 books, so I could get started learning about race?” It was a question that made my heart sing! YES! But where to start? What book to mention and what book to leave out. What about videos or podcasts? There’s just so much good stuff! So that’s how the “3 of 3” took shape. Some would argue I’ve left out an essential read, video, or podcast and they may be right. Just get started on something to learn and re-form your knowledge and understanding of the reality of race, racism, and whiteness in our country then keep on reading, watching, listening.

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