An Invitation for Discernment from Dr. Catherine Meeks


For those of you who share my interest in the history of The Episcopal Church’s work around Becoming Beloved Community, please read some of Dr. Catherine Meeks’ reflections.

Dr. Meeks led the development of Becoming Beloved Community in Atlanta, GA in 2016 and has been instrumental to bringing this vision to life for our wider church. Her leadership and expertise have significantly shaped our efforts here in the Diocese of Southern Ohio and while I have yet to meet her personally, her lessons have been shared with me from many who are guiding our work, now.

She concludes her first journal entry with questions that serve as an invitation for discernment. I offer up her questions for all of us, during this advent season and time of preparation:

Can you openly imagine what your role might be in building our Beloved Community? Can you envision how you might help dismantle racism?”

In peace and solidarity,