Book Release: “Greenbirding America: About White Supremacy”

Marsha R. Robinson, PhD of Christ Church, Dayton OH has released yet another book this week entitled, “Greenbirding American: About White Supremacy”.
This book consists of essays that explore white supremacy as a greenbird idea that imprisons and harms its believers who misdirect their fear-filled anger against the wrong target. Their enemy is not people of color. No people of color should be harmed because of white supremacy. This compassionate approach is hard to do when so many people of color are harmed daily in this nation but this approach does some of the after-work of protest marches. Are you looking for information to end racism in America? This book is an introduction to a compassionate approach for awaking white supremacists and racists who are still stuck in 1820s and 1920s racisms through one-to-one conversations so that they will stop their war against their neighbors and against our nation. The 21st-century is a frightening world to them. Help them to live in it peacefully.

Marsha R. Robinson graduated from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, earned her MA in American History at Central Connecticut State University, and went on to study African American and African Studies at the Ohio State University where she earned her PhD in Women’s History with a global focus. The author of Matriarchy, Patriarchy and Imperial Security in Africa: Explaining Riots in Europe and Violence in Africa, she has presented her research at international conferences in the United States, Nigeria and Norway. The present book is the third edited volume with Cambridge Scholars Publishing in the Inverting History with Microhistory series. The other two volumes are Lesser Civil Wars: Civilians Defining War and the Memory of War and Women Who Belong: Claiming a Female’s Right-Filled Place.

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