Calling for Stories from Our Youth! Rise Up!

Why Black Lives Matter: Becoming Beloved Community (Youth Story Submission)

Calling for Stories from Our Youth! Rise Up!

We are inviting everyone between the ages of 12 and 21 to share their creative expressions of racial justice and faith. These stories can be written, visual, performance-based, or any other form of creative expression you can think of. Our hope is that youth from all backgrounds will take this opportunity to share their wisdom and vision through stories that need to be told right now for our common spiritual and racial healing. We are especially hoping that the youth of Southern Ohio can locate themselves in the larger story of what is happening in our society and use that to inspire and encourage us all in becoming beloved community.

The deadline to turn in your story is September 1. All youth who participate will be invited to share their stories with others across our diocese on October 10. Awards up to $500 are available to stories chosen by our team across multiple categories, and we will celebrate and honor everyone who submitted a story.

Your stories will be reviewed by a team of youth leaders + ministers including: the Rev. Christopher Richardson, Phoebe Bentley, Nia McKenney, Darien McCoy, and Kate Howton.

Everyone has a story. What’s yours?

Questions that might offer some inspiration include:
 What do you see happening in our world as many awaken to the sins of White Supremacy?
 Share your vision of beloved community?
 What role does faith play in your life and your understanding of the suffering and hope for our world?
 What do we need to pay attention to in order to create new, life-affirming and loving communities?
 Where do you find hope?
 How do you find balance between taking care of yourself and taking care of others?

For more information, reach out to Rev. Christopher Richardson at