Exploring the Path of Repairing the Breach

The journey of Becoming Beloved Community is comprised of a Four-Fold Path: Telling the Truth; Proclaiming the Dream, Practicing the Way, Repairing the Breach. This Four-Fold Path offers continuous opportunity to discern where we are being called in response to what the world needs in terms of healing, reconciliation, and justice.
This fall, as a diocese, we will explore the dimension of Repairing the Breach. In doing so, we will ask ourselves: What institutions and systems are broken? How will we participate in repair, restoration, and healing of people, institutions, and systems?
Several opportunities have been designed to walk us, as a diocese, along the path of Repairing the Breach in hopes of preparing us for responding to the harm in which we as individuals and our institutions–our Church included–have played a role.
In October,  Dr. Rev. Jennifer Harvey will engage our diocese for four days of deep learning beginning with Clergy Day on October 17. Harvey will then lead the learning journey participants on October 18-19; and serve as keynote presenter at Raising Justice Kids on October 19. She’ll wrap up her stay with us on Sunday, October 20 by preaching at the Cathedral.
We’ll build on this learning at Convention, November 15-16, with the theme of Repairing the Breach.
For more information, contact ahowton@diosohio.org.