From Stacey Sands: Music for Holy Week


A note from Stacey Sands, student for the Diaconate (Christ Church Glendale, Saint Andrews):

I just wanted to share three recordings I find particularly moving during Holy Week.  All of these you can find wherever you get your music.  All three are written by living composers.

The first is Caleb Burhans Evensong.  This Album is a mix of choral, chamber ensemble and electronic music.  Highly moving and good for Good Friday.  When the Cathedral choir first performed part of this for a Good Friday service several years ago it caused our Bishop to weep.  This whole album is beautiful and haunting.
Second is James Macmillan’s 7 Last Words from the Cross.  This is for chamber orchestra and choir.  It is a hard listen with some very dissonant moments but also some beautiful sweeping lush romantic harmonies.  It is a tour de force that requires virtuosic playing and singing from all involved. It is my Good Friday tradition to listen to this.  It always is a highly emotional experience for me.
The last is a CD I sing on as an alto 2 (so good luck actually picking my voice out lol). It is Canticle by Kile Smith.  The text for this is from Saint John of the Cross and is all about the Dove looking for it’s mate just as the soul longs for union with God.  Written for 3 cellos, choir, and vibraphone it is a lush, at times jazzy, sensual and welcoming piece.  This is my Easter listen.
Note: Artwork created by Rev. Karl Stevens