Wondering How to Introduce Your Congregation to Becoming Beloved Community?


Recently, the congregation of St. Barnabas (Montgomery, Ohio) was invited into Becoming Beloved Community. Larry James, task force member and learning journey participant worked with Jason Oden (assistant pastor and Becoming Beloved Community ambassador to St. Barnabas) to develop and deliver a strategic communications plan aimed at gaining widespread acceptance to the Episcopal Church’s Becoming Beloved Community Strategic Imperative.

In response to the invitation, a steering committee has been developed who will begin work on their own learning, discerning, design and implementation of our parish specific plans to eliminate racism, care for God’s creation and spread  the gospel of Jesus as the guiding foundation for our work.

To support collective efforts around engaging in the work of invitation and evangelism, the St. Barnabas team graciously offers up their design materials including:

If you’d like more information about St. Barnabas’ efforts, reach out to Pastor Jason (assistant@st-barnabas.org) and/or Larry James (ljmypoppi@gmail.com). Also visit their parish Becoming Beloved Community website, here.

Additional resources from The Episcopal Church:

A Resource for Individuals, Congregations, & Communities Seeking Racial Reconciliation, Healing & Justice

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