Lay and Clergy Leaders (Re)Commit to Discipleship


Over the last three weeks, ten lay and clergy leaders participated in Emergent Discipleship, co-hosted by Quanita Roberson and Amy Howton to explore the relationship between disciplines and discipleship and to (re)commit to a life of following Spirit and God.

During the last session, participants made recommitment vows to God, being witnessed in community with one another. Being present to one another in this sacred space, one disciple shared how she found that each person’s commitment became her own: “It was One yes to One Spirit.” 

One participant reflected on the value in “returning again and again to one’s call, naming discernment in community” as a powerful experience of the beloved community.

Participants shared these reflections on their experience of this practice:

Thankful for this opportunity to be in communion, in this community–particularly when i’ve been seeking and discerning what does church really mean for me. What do I want when I think of church—always separated from my faith life—didn’t want it to be…I feel fortunate that we’ve had this opportunity to witness to what beloved community means, what it can be, what it is. if we continue to be in circle and practice, the authority within us can move us there…we have access to it. Extremely thankful for that.”–Miriam McKenney

The space of transparency and vulnerability that we are all just learning. None of us have graduated. It has made it safe space in a world and a church of hierarchy and position. The only hierarchy here is spirit. It is the taste of the mystic quality…this has been fully grounded and truly a gift.“–Michelle Dayton

We are here because we love others because we love God first. We come with a lot of baggage…it’s perfect to have that reminder. Discipleship is a both/and—with God and with others. Very glad we discovered this together.“–Kathy Mank

Seeing and hearing people’s experiences; joys and sorrows; struggles working in parishes and lives. There is connection. I cannot express how valuable it is. It is being part of a real community. i have treasured it. I will treasure it.” –Rev. Deborah Woolsey