Prayer for Our Diocese


Prayer for Our Diocese

May we be a forgiving community.
May we be more fully human.
May the standing committee have the wisdom to invite a healing presence in the interim bishop.
May we notice the abundance of love and abandon scarcity.
May we be converted to be followers of Jesus.
May we live into empathy and live into our baptismal covenant.
May the standing committee engage in transparency.
May we know that we are all one body.
May we dig our own graves so we can be buried with Jesus and be resurrected.
May we find a leader who can press us and hold us.
May we all be the leader who can press and hold one another.
May we, as a community, attend to the needs of one another.
May we look more like Jesus.
May every loss be grieved.
May we be reconciled and reconcilers.
Thank you, God of all resources and source of all, that you have already provided for all we need.
Thank you that it is through Your Wisdom and Your Love that we live into the Kingdom now.

Prayer for open hearts of the people in the Diocese
Praying for our enemies includes everyone in God’s economy
Praying that we don’t go back, we go forward together

When it’s hard to pray, others carry us with their prayers – Mother Deborah
I pray that we will see God’s abundance.
I pray that I never think I’ve arrived. There is always further to go on this journey.
I pray for rest.

I pray that I might see the close relationship where I might influence change.

I pray that we remember who we are and whose we are
That when scared and unsure, we lean into that fear
And turn toward one another
With faith that we will find God there

Started with silent prayer:
Prayers that we
We lift our prayers for the right leaders to come in.
We lift our prayers for healing in the diocese,
We lift our prayers for spiritual direction for the clergy.
We lift our prayers that laity would support the clergy.
We lift our prayers that we continue to follow the Way of Love.
We lift our prayers that we can find a mission statement that we can hang our hats on.
We lift our prayers for authentic, vulnerable, grace-filled relationships can be grown amongst the clergy and within the diocese.
We lift our prayers asking, “What would Jesus do in this time? How can we learn to love our neighbor as ourself? How to bring people together singing? How can we teach people to hold the door open for people?”
We lift our prayers seeking space to listen.

This prayer was written by our Friday Circle of Practice. You are invited to join this circle at any time. Sign up here.