Proclaiming the Dream StorySharing Retreat


Our next StorySharing event will be an in-person retreat at the Procter Center, October 8-9, where we will practice contemplative listening and sharing as we tell the story of Me, the story of We, and the story of Us and Now. Register here.

Joey Taylor, a master storyweaver, will facilitate a day of workshops, and we’ll have Katie Bachmeyer present to capture and document. We are amplifying these personal and communal (including for November Convention) stories as a way of shining light on where God is calling us as church.

There will be time and space for reflection, connection, and prayer. For those interested in staying overnight, we’ll gather at 4pm on FridaySaturday will begin at 9am and close by 4pm. 

This will be a meaningful opportunity for us to lead and shape the direction of our diocese; your presence would be a blessing.

And…this is a culminating event as part of the StorySharing Campaign. This campaign is showcased on this StorySharing YouTube playlist! We invite you to listen as people share stories of their own journey of becoming. Explore our complete StorySharing journey on our website:

Or, go directly to YouTube to listen to our stories:

Interested in sharing your personal story? Reach out to Amy ( for more information.