Reflecting on Harmful Patterns and (Trans)forming New Ones


In this time of lockdown and imposed stillness, there is an opportunity to look in the mirror, for introspection. There is an invitation to reflect on harmful patterns that manifest in our minds and bodies that are traces of dominant systems of oppression, including White Supremacy, Patriarchy, and Capitalism.

Kathy Mank, lay leader (Cincinnati) and active member of the Ally group for Native Americans/Indigenous Peoples shared two resources that were the focus of a recent dialogue around solidarity work in response to the pandemic. These resources serve as helpful tools to guide reflection on patterns and habits that no longer serve us so that we might begin to form new, generative ways of being.

White Supremacy Culture from Dismantling Racism:  A Workbook for Social Change Groups, by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun

Qualities of Authentic Relationships Across Differences by Karen Pace and Dionardo Pizaña