Reflections on Sacred Ground Dialogue Series


Our diocesan-wide Sacred Ground dialogue series wrapped up on February 28. Every other week, this group of 45 people were invited to peel away the layers that have contributed to the challenges and divides of the present day – all while grounded in our call to faith, hope, and love.

This series was co-facilitated by Derek Peebles (Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati) and Betsy Schram (Church of the Redeemer, Cincinnati). Betsy offers this reflection on her experience:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to co-facilitate in a broad community — people from around the Diocese, rather then just one church. I missed the ability to talk in person, but found Zoom enabled a pretty consistent turnout. I would also add that 1 1/2 hours was not enough time for each session.

Each time I review the material, I am impacted differently: I recall different life events, find the need to dig deeper, and confront my white privilege. As a participant and as a facilitator I appreciate the ability to share and speak in a “safe space.” The blend of videos and reading materials enables great discussion.”