Report on Diocesan Becoming Beloved Community Grants


In 2019, the Diocese awarded $15,000 toward supporting local efforts–seed money– across our diocese aimed at Becoming Beloved Community. In May, Requests for Proposals (RFPs) were¬† issued and since that time, twelve proposals have been submitted. Of those twelve, nine have been awarded.

Proposals have been submitted primarily by clergy, lay, and community leaders participating in a developing community of practice where learning and formation around racial reconciliation, healing and justice has helped to forge relationships and compel action. This group has also been activated in developing a broader network across the diocese and so through this networking, some additional proposals have been submitted.

To date, grant awardees include:

Submitted by: Proposed Activity Congregation/Organization Amount
Rev. Maggie Foote Cincinnati Table Espiritu Santo $500
Leslie Rich One Westwood St James; Westwood $2,500
Rev. Rick Incorvati Springfield dialogue series Christ Church, Springfield $1,000
Ron Gray World Peace and Prayer Day Cathedral $500
MaryBeth Ingram Westerville St Matthews $750
Judy Chamberlain Kids4Peace Interfaith; hosted at St. Barnabas, Montgomery $2,500
Rev. Mary Laymon Sacred Ground, Film-Based Dialogue St Simon’s; Cincinnati $2,400
Miriam McKenney Leadership Training Pilot Using Children’s Books ¬†Calvary; Cincinnati $1,250
Anne Reed Kaleidoscope Institute leadership training  Transfiguration Spirituality Center $500


The grant review circle is comprised of Deborah Allsop, St. Simon’s; Rev. Rick Incorvati, Church Church Springdale; and MaryBeth Ingram, St Matthew’s, Westerville; and Amy Howton, Becoming Beloved Community Coordinator. The review circle developed a working rubric to guide their review and decision-making and have experience their stewardship of the monies as a meaningful opportunity to practice Becoming Beloved Community.

There is one more month during this grant award period in which we are still accepting grant applications. The grant application is available here.

October 30, 2019