StorySharing: Proclaiming the Dream


The theme of this year’s Annual Convention is Proclaiming the Dream.

Proclaiming the Dream is a vital aspect of being Church, of living into God’s call for us to be loving, healing and faithful presence in the world today. As Episcopalians, Proclaiming the Dream is rooted in our Baptismal vow: “We will proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Christ.”

It can be hard to resource DREAMING in the midst of turbulent change, against the backdrop of suffering and trauma and the seduction of fear and scarcity. DREAMING is inspired by the way of love. And as followers of Jesus, our way is the WAY OF LOVE.

As we prepare for Saturday’s Convention and the pivotal opportunity it provides for us to choose who we are becoming as a diocese and as a Church, it is right to audaciously and boldly ask ourselves, “What do we dream?”. And then, to resource and realize these dreams.

As part of the Becoming Beloved Community StorySharing Campaign, Libbie Crawford, Catherine Duffy, Rev. Elizabeth Hoster, Jim Keyes, Deborah Stokes-Wayne have dared to proclaim their dream. Their dreams and stories will be shared during Convention, grounded in our communal dream, proclaimed by Nia McKenney.

These dreams offer hope, possibility, and encouragement during this time and are testament to the power of our faithful practice, together.

Click the images to watch, or view the playlist on YouTube.