Welcome, Nicole Hershey!


Good News!

Nicole Hershey is stepping into the new role of “Storyteller and Digital Homemaker” to support the growth of the Becoming Beloved Community movement in our diocese. Thanks to funding from the United Thank Offering and as part of the launch of the StorySharing Project, her skills and gifts will bless us in the areas of communication, storytelling, and connectedness.

Nicole has been the part-time Director of Communications at St. Barnabas, Montgomery since December 2016. She first got involved in the work of Becoming Beloved Community when Larry James (co-convener of the diocesan Becoming Beloved Community leadership team) and Jason Oden introduced it to the parish last summer. Since then, she’s been “all in”. She joined the diocesan-wide community of practice through participation in the intensive learning journey and now participates in the Friday Circles. She’s also co-leading the St. Barnabas’ Becoming Beloved Community team with Jason Williams.

Nicole is originally from Iowa and has been in Cincinnati for seven years. According to Nicole, “I’ve been telling stories since I was 11 and walked into my first dance class. I majored in dance in college, moved to Cincinnati to work with a small modern dance company, and I continue to freelance and create my own work around the city.”

On behalf of our diocese, welcome to this new role Nicole. Thank you for saying YES and supporting our commitment to bringing forth the beloved community in this way.