“What Can I Do?”


All across America, people of faith ask, “what can I do?” as an anguished cry to God. As we experience civil unrest rising from racial inequities embedded in our culture since 1619, we want to take action.

 Where do you find yourself in The Episcopal Church’s long-term commitment to racial healing, reconciliation, and justice? Racism is every day in every way our reality, and we need to work to dismantle it every day, in every way. Choose something each day to become more informed and to grow as an active ally to the black community so that we can realize the Beloved Community that God dreams for us.

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Offered in love by the Diocese of Southern Ohio Becoming Beloved Community movement Leadership Team, Larry James and the Rev. Meribah Mansfield, Co-conveners; The Rev. Rick Incorvati, MaryBeth Ingram, Miriam McKenney, Ariel Miller, Debby Stokes-Wayne and Amy Howton, Becoming Beloved Community Coordinator