Becoming Beloved Community in the Diocese of Southern Ohio

The diocesan Becoming Beloved Community website is being updated. A new page with updated content with information on opportunities, resources, grants, and events is coming soon. Until then, learn more about the development and progress of Becoming Beloved Community in the Diocese of Southern Ohio since 2018:

2021 Impact Report

E-Connections article from June of 2022

News of Our Becoming Report

BBC YouTube page.

Please contact The Rev. Canon Jason Oden for more information on any of the following below:

  • Developing and cultivating Communities of Practice, including Worship Circles
  • Regular Public Policy Advocacy Updates
  • Diocesan seasonal formation offerings that correspond to the Four-Fold Path
  • Dismantling Racism Training and Formation Opportunities
  • Regional and diocesan-wide Learning Journeys and Story Sharing events
  • Faith in Life grants that seed Becoming Beloved Community work at the parish level
  • Resources and efforts led by the Creation Care and Environmental Justice Commission
  • Sesquicentennial Celebration efforts focused on Tell the Truth, Practice the Way of Love, Proclaim the Dream, Repair the Breach
  • Repairing the Breach through the mission of the Reparations Task Force