Circles of Practice

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Every week, clergy and lay leaders from across the diocese join together in our formation as Becoming Beloved Community.

The Friday group, meeting 10-11:30 a.m., began to gather in March, in response to the expressed longing to be in spiritual-filled community in the midst of the two global pandemics of Covid and racial violence. As the group and energy grew, a rhythm took shape in meeting the needs of this emerging community, rotating between Way of Love practices and Justice-Making.

The Tuesday circle, meeting 7-8:30 p.m., began after our diocese-wide journey through Sacred Ground completed. Participants expressed a desire to stay in community and practice beyond the Sacred Ground sessions.

Recently, participants have voiced, “This is my faith community. This is church for me.” “This is where I come to be restored, to be with Spirit in community.” “Being here, I am energized and full of JOY!“. “To know we are not alone, that we are together as we follow Jesus…is everything.

These circles are open–join anytime. Sign up here.

Becoming Beloved Community invites us to grow together as people who love God and love the image of God that we find in our neighbors, in ourselves, and in creation.