Diocesan Youth Stations of the Cross


You are invited to join a Diocesan Stations of the Cross, justice style! The goal is to create a diocesan-wide video comprised of stations recorded by youth and young adults around the diocese. Each station will include a two-part video. The first part is a commentary of the station from your church, community, or school context. This is a TikTok style or 30-60 second video that brings this station into your context. Give us your take on how the thoughts and questions of this station echo for you all.

The second part of your recording is the reading/performing of the station, concluding with the prayer. These can be posted as separate videos or as one and can be recorded using a phone; they can be live or over Zoom.


Step by Step:

  1. Open this link to find the Stations liturgy and the Sign-Up Excel sheet.   Stations of the Cross
  2. Read over the stations to choose from the ones still available.
  3. Choose your station by inserting your church’s name and contact info next to the station (be aware that this document is being updated by all that are participating. It will save automatically.)
  4. Discuss the station, with a particular focus on the questions.
  5. Consider inviting others to be part of this discussion: elders, community leaders, civil servants, librarians, etc. Provide guests with the station ahead of time.
  6. The first part of the video: Decide where you want to record. Recording then-and-there is great, or you might go to a destination, or use graphics, or music. The main goal is for your unique perspective to come through.
  7. The second part: Decide which voice(s) will read the station and the prayer. Do a few sound checks. Record.
  8. Save videos using this format: Station# Church name and location. Ex. Station1 St.Anne West Chester
  9. Send the file to rev.phyllis@saintanne-wc.org along with the names of who participated and your church’s name. 
  10. Submissions needed by the end of March 28. 

That’s all there is to it!  Thanks for participating.